Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Trenbolone acetate
Package: 10 ampoules (75mg /ml)
Manufacturer: BM Pharmaceuticals


Trenbolone-75 – is a powerful anabolic steroid created on the basis of the active substance trenbolone acetate. The drug is available in the form of ampoules for injection and proper application allows to achieve a significant increase of power performance, increase muscle mass and dry.

Trenbolone-75 and its analogs stimulate the production of growth hormone in the body and increases IGF indicators, whereby the athlete can easily lose a few kilograms (providing low fat content prior to use)

Description of the properties and effects

The basis of this preparation is trenbolone acetate. This is a modified form of the steroid nandrolone, which was added to an acetate ester, which provides rapid impact and higher activity, which is a significant advantage for athletes preparing for competitions. By the way, to find this steroid during a doping test can not be in six or seven weeks after admission.

Thus trenbolone acetate, and hence pharmacological, based on it, endowed with the highest anabolic and androgenic activity – respectively 400% and 200% of the testosterone. What it makes it incredibly powerful steroid agent.

Also note that the action of anabolic Trenbolone-75 (1ml) does not last very long (from 1 to 3 days), but the cause of it is taken quickly, and on the course multiple exhibits, and most importantly a variety of effects, including:

• Maximum increase in lean body mass;

• Effective combustion of fat (due to growth hormone);

• Maximizing power performance;

• A considerable increase in libido during the course;

• Increasing the level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in the body;

• Lowering cortisol.


By virtue of the fact that different Trenbolone-75 high androgenic activity of the active substance, a man can use it. In the case of the use of the drug in women virilization may occur, so that even small doses are prohibited.

Duration of Injection Trenbolone-75 drug is 4-8 weeks. If the receiving process has been delayed by more than 4 weeks, four weeks, experienced athletes recommended reception antiestrogens (Proviron, Tamoxifen), and the introduction of gonadotropin. In addition to neutralizing the side effects, these measures lead to neutralize natural testosterone.

The drug has Trenbolone-75 popular both among fans and among professional athletes. Experienced athletes can be administered at 50 mg administered every day, or 100 mg of 1 every 2 days. For the less experienced athletes recommended reception drug in small doses to test the response of the body relative to the steroid active ingredient.
A drug can be combined Trenbolone-75 on course with other drugs (or Winstrol® Anavar). The dosage of each of steroids thus reduced by 2 times. Due to the above combination provides a great dry weight gain, and receiving antiestrogen is not required.


Opinions about the drug in many ways similar. Most athletes who dealt with a similar anabolic and androgen, achieved significant results. This could not but affect its popularity – it is used by athletes regardless of the level of training.
Reviews about Trenbolone-75 claim that for a course of eight weeks with this drug, you can gain up to 10 kilograms of relief quality musculature. The opinions of the athletes are unanimous and that with the help of the Moldovan steroid, you can quickly get rid of fat deposits, and also increase your endurance and strength.
Reviews of the Trenbolone-75 should be read by all those who are just planning to start taking this drug. It is important to think over everything in detail: how and when to do injections, what should be the dose and duration of injections, what drugs should be used together in order to avoid the onset of side effects. There are many nuances and everything must be understood.

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