Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)
Package: 5mg (50 pills)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma


This is a very potent androgen with a weak anabolic effect. As a strong androgen gives a good gain in strength and gives a hard kind enough to “dry” muscles, muscle mass gains are low. Because of this, it used mainly lifters, those who wants to stay in his weight class or bodybuilders before competitions. Due to the nature of the molecular structure, which determines its androgenic properties, is highly toxic substance. Despite this, in quantities not prone to flavor up to 20 mg per day, which makes it popular among the few androgens used in the preparation for a competition. As an androgen, increases agressivnost.Ne recommended to take the drug for more than four weeks in a row because of the high toxicity.

Action Fluoxymesterone

  • Increased aggression.
  • Increased hardness and muscle relief.
  • Possible slight increase in muscle mass (especially – with prolonged use).
  • Stimulation of the synthesis of hemoglobin (increase endurance). Receiving fluoxymesterone increases blood oxygen mass. The body produces a larger number of erythrocytes, is supplied to the muscles more oxygen. Increased productivity, reduced acidification.
  • The reduction of body fat. According to studies, Halotestin accelerates the oxidation of fatty acids in the “fast” muscle fibers. However, weight reduction is never receiving fluoxymesterone main purpose because of its high toxicity. Effect rather minor.

The course of the preparation Fluoxymesterone

As an effective daily dosage of the drug fluoxymesterone (Fluoxymesterone) using 20-30 milligrams, which are divided into two equal Hour, morning and evening. Tablets should be taken liberally washed down with water. Bodybuilders recommend the use of 20 milligrams of the drug, and professional pauerlifteram quite possible to increase the dosage to 30 milligrams, or even more, but only after consulting with your personal trainer.

Side effects from taking the drug Fluoxymesterone

Like many other steroids, Fluoxymesterone (Halotest) has side effects. The most dangerous of them – it’s a toxic effect on the liver, that is, long-term use of this drug is strictly contraindicated. Also, there may occur such side effects as: Anke, headache, pain in the stomach (enteric), bleeding from the nose. However, if you stick to the recommended dosage, the risk of side effects is not very high. To do this, you need to draw up a course, and the best thing is to trust a professional trainer with years of experience drawing up such recommendations. Athletes who have decided to buy Fluoxymesterone (Halotest), is also very important to know that this steroid significantly inhibits the production of testosterone. This suggests that athletes, in any case, should not ignore the post-cycle therapy after receiving Halotesta. Feedback from professional athletes, the best preparations for the PCT (post-cycle therapy) after taking fluoxymesterone are Clomid or Tamoxifen.


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