HGH and Peptides in Australia

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From beginner athletes, there is a question that can be heard very often. What contributes to better results – stimulation of growth hormone secretion or direct injections of HGH? Which option is better for the ratio of price and quality? We will try to answer this difficult question.

Cost & availability of HGH & Peptides for sale

The cost of growth hormone is much higher than that of peptides. It is a more complex substance for production, besides GH is used in medicine, it is subject to certification. Growth hormone is legal, but its sale is regulated by law. Cheap HGH & Peptides should cause you fear: the market is flooded with fakes, which are not just ineffective, they are dangerous. And if the price is too low, do not hesitate to ask the seller questions and carefully study the packaging for signs of counterfeit products.

Peptides are much cheaper, and their turnover is not regulated. Beginners can take a noticeably smaller amount. However, there are many counterfeit peptides. In addition, peptides are extremely sensitive to storage conditions: bodybuilders write that sometimes one day outside the refrigerator is enough to make the peptide lose at least half of its effectiveness. Therefore, the seller of peptides should be selected very carefully, because some unscrupulous store owners do not pay due attention to the storage of drugs.

Effect for muscle mass and fat burning

Reviews of growth hormone and peptides state that the results of the increase in pure muscle mass is due to the GH. More practical experiences of using growth hormone in bodybuilding has been accumulated, the most effective combinations and reception schemes have been known for a long time already. So growth hormone for muscle mass is recognized as effective. “Before and after” growth hormone, so far, looks more impressive. With peptides, however, experiments continue as they have been devoted less clinical research, this is a new word in sports and bodybuilding. Therefore, many, especially beginners, are faced with the fact that the result of using peptides does not meet expectations. In the defence of peptides, it should be said that feedback and data have already been accumulated, concluding that, with competent combination, the influence on the body composition can be no worse than that of human growth hormone. However, this requires a thoughtful approach, a competently designed course and its strict observance.

The mechanism of action and possible side effects

Growth hormone is a ready-made drug that is injected into the body “as is” and replaces its own GH produced by the pituitary gland. Peptides also stimulate the production of endogenous hormone. In the first case, the body’s own function can be inhibited, and in the second case it only grows stronger. This is the fundamental difference. Unlike GH, peptides do not affect the functions of the pancreas and thyroid gland, and cannot cause hyperplasia of internal organs, the body does not produce antibodies to them.

HGH & Peptides are also not determined by doping control, while growth hormone is doping in the classical sense. Which should you choose? You decide! But whatever you decide, in our store you can always quickly and conveniently order growth hormone with a guarantee of quality and originality of the drug, as well as effective peptides.