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How do I place an order?

Our website and email correspondence

You will need to enable cookies and pop-ups for our site in your browser and add our email address, [email protected], to your address book, or our messages might be blocked by your spam filter.

We have previously experienced such problems with AT&T, SBC Global, and some other internet providers’ servers.

Some servers completely block our messages so if you don’t receive anything, try using a different email address.

Placing an order

Add products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

You won’t be allowed to proceed if your total, including any discounts, is lower than our minimum order limit, which is fixed at $150.

Please follow the payment instructions you will receive from us immediately after placing your order.

Is there a minimum order value?

The minimum order amount is $150. We ask that you kindly respect this limit. You may be wondering why we have a minimum order policy.

It’s simply that by the time we process an order, package it, and ship the items, we have incurred salary costs, transaction fees, and facility costs (heat, lights, phone, A/C, insurance, etc.).

While we love to accommodate smaller orders with the same degree of enthusiasm and professionalism as we treat all our customers, there comes a point where we need to ensure our survival. For us, that limit is $150.

Do I need a prescription to place an order?

No, you do NOT have to present us with a prescription to order our products.



When you are using WU or MG, it is a simple money transfer. You are just sending your funds from one of their branch locations to another one.

How do I pay with Western Union or MoneyGram?

The only information you will need to pay for your order is the receiver’s name, surname, city, and country of the receiver. This information is enough to make a transfer, and we will send it to your email immediately after placing an order.

To send money through Western Union or MoneyGram, you will have to provide your personal information. Please don’t be afraid to fill in all of the required information; their transfers are not traceable. Furthermore, funding the money transfer with a credit card at their branch or online via their website adds an extra level of security to you.


  • Reason for the transaction

If Western Union or MoneyGram asks you about the purpose of sending money, just indicate that it is intended for your relatives (family) or a friend in need as a gift or donation, as they don’t permit sending money for commercial purposes.

They have no right to know why you would need to send money overseas. For safety reasons, please do not include any notes on the transaction, such as our website name or any product name.

  • Secret Question

Do not protect your transfer with a secret question and fill in only the necessary fields.

Does WU or MG require an ID?

Not always. Usually, they only require an ID if you are placing an order of over AUD 1,000.

However, you can always split orders over that limit into smaller money transfers.

What do I do once I’ve paid through Western Union/MoneyGram?

After you make the transfer, you must confirm the payment by sending us the following transfer information:

  1. The MTCN (money transfer control number)
    • Western Union numbers are 10 digits long.
    • MoneyGram numbers are 8 digits long.
  2. The sender’s first and last names (i.e. You, or the person who paid the money)
  3. The city and country from which it was wired.
  4. The exact total amount and currency transferred (excluding the transfer fees).
  5. The Name of the money transfer company, such as Western Union or MoneyGram.
  6. The payment method you selected during the checkout process.
  7. Your AU-Roids.com order number.
  8. The complete delivery postal address, including the postal code (if different from the one you provided when placing the order)

How long will it take for you to receive my money transfer?

Payments made by money transfer are usually processed and cleared within 1-2 business days. We will send you a confirmation that your payment has been received via email.

You can also keep track of your payment status via the http://orderstatus.live website.

Why am I sending money abroad when the shipment is dispatched from a domestic source?

Steroids can be sold legally without a prescription in some countries, but Australian legal enforcement does not have jurisdiction overseas, so it adds another layer of protection for you, and us, to offshore the payments we receive so that they are out of the reach of authorities.

By offering domestic shipment doesn’t imply that our operation is wholly based in Australia. Once you have placed a couple of orders with us after having initially paid via the WU/MG route, you will be invited to do CIM (cash in the mail) payments in the future.


How do I pay with a credit card?

While we only directly accept Western Union and MoneyGram payments as these services are instant and will ensure your goods are dispatched very quickly, you can use your credit card to make a payment at their branch or on their websites to do the money transfer with them.

Western Union’s website: www.westernunion.com

MoneyGram’s website: www.moneygram.com

Why don’t you accept credit cards?

No true steroid website is compliant with a credit-issuing company. Money transfers are safe and easy, and we can accept credit cards this way indirectly. Credit card services have virulent anti-crime divisions which will vigorously seek out, find, or assist local legal enforcement in prosecuting those who use their services for criminal endeavours. If you use them despite knowing this, you do so at your peril.


Do you accept bank-to-bank (wire) transfers?

Existing customers may use this option for convenience, but we do not provide our accounts to new customers for security reasons. Please contact us for more information.


Why don’t you accept PayPal?

Due to problems in the past, we do not use PayPal as we have not been happy with their services.



Do you provide safe and secure packaging for your shipments?

All packages are shipped with maximum discretion to ensure the highest delivery success. Safe and secure packaging is a part of our security policy.

  • Our organization’s name, or anything else that might imply the package contains pharmaceuticals, is never used on our shipments.
  • Packaging types are changed constantly to achieve maximum delivery success.
  • The size of our packages is never larger than what would cause unnecessary suspicion. If the order is too large to fit into one parcel, we will automatically sub-divide it into two or more packages (all for the price of a single shipment handling fee).

We also reuse original cardboard boxes for packing various products that fit inside them. This is because we are an environmentally conscious company, and we also want to increase

When I place an order, how long will it take for me to receive it?

  • We ship all orders within one day of receiving your funds.
  • We do not ship on weekends or holidays.
  • Your delivery should arrive within 7-20 days (using Australia’s domestic postal service)

What are your shipping options?

We make use of Australia Post, which is accompanied by a tracking number and the average delivery time is 7-20 business days.

To ensure discreetness, we currently don’t offer expedited post or courier deliveries.

Do you provide trackable deliveries?

Yes, we issue the delivery tracking codes within 24 hours of shipping.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes, including AFPO/FPO military postal addresses?

Yes, we do and can ship to APO/FPO military addresses without any problems.

Is a signature required upon delivery?

Our shipping method requires no signature from your side upon delivery.

However, as the delivery will arrive via post, we advise that you don’t leave the parcel unattended after being delivered to your door for too long!



What are your return and refund policies?

Before returning any goods or asking for a refund for whatever reason, you will need to contact us to inform us of your intention and reasons for doing so.

We guarantee the delivery of your order.

In the case of goods arriving in a faulty or damaged condition, we will replace your order. Kindly contact us for further details.

In cases of loss, damage, or delays due to an incorrect delivery address you have given us, we cannot offer to refund your payment.

If you are not completely satisfied with our products, simply return one empty vial or package after use and explain why you are dissatisfied.

You will receive a full refund, including all payments and money transfer commissions you paid (to WU/MG), within 12 days.

Please note that you must ensure that your postbox is safe enough to prevent packages from being lost or stolen.



Do you guarantee the quality of your products?

All our products are of high quality, from certified pharmacies.

Products are 100% original and come directly from the biggest medicine distributors worldwide, which you can feel from the first shot or tablet taken.

Our products are laboratory tested and meet the highest standards of quality and purity.

You are paying for only the best!Contact our customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.