what is dianabol 20 tablets

What Is Dianabol 20 Tablets?

Dianabol 20 tablets is a protein-carbohydrate mixture designed for weight gain. Designed for ectomorphs and all the athletes who have difficulty gaining weight. The composition of Methandienone includes protein (most often whey), carbohydrates (in high-quality Dianabol 20 usually in the form of maltodextrin), as well as, depending on the manufacturer and concept, amino acids, creatine, vitamins, etc. components.

The presence of carbohydrates in the composition allows to maintain a high level of energy content of the body, despite the high load. Protein and restores the supply of amino acids and inhibits catabolism. Thus, Dianabol 20 tablets allows you to actively train and gain muscle mass. However, people endomorphic physique Dianabol 20 tablets is contraindicated because excess carbohydrates will increase fat mass.

What Is Dianabol Made Of?

In earlier times, Dianabol was made from cheap low-grade protein and sugar with the addition of fats. Today, serious producers use high-purity protein and high-quality carbohydrates. At the same time, Dianabol is very demanding to the storage conditions, so some of the problems that arise after the use of Methandienone can be attributed to violations of storage conditions – with high humidity, carbohydrates and protein become an excellent soil for the reproduction of bacteria.

Methandienone can be divided into high-protein mixtures (with protein content up to 60 %) and high-carbon (with protein content 20-30 %). This allows you to use Dbol 20 mg with greater efficiency depending on the personal characteristics of each athlete.

How To Take Dianabol 20 Tablets?

Methandienone can be taken immediately after exercise – in this case, it will close the so-called “protein-carbohydrate window” – a period during which the body has a great need for nutrients.

Sometimes it is recommended to take Dbol before training – in this case, the body will have an excess of energy and amino acid reserves and it will not need to break down fat for energy. So in this case, the weight loss will be significantly less – it is important for those athletes who are important not to lose weight.

Methandienone can be taken at other times – between regular meals – but only if Your Constitution is close to ectomorphic. Otherwise, it is very likely to gain fat mass.

dianabol 20 tablets

What Is Combined With Dianabol 20 Tablets?

Dianabol itself is a combination of a number of substances, so it goes well with other supplements – such as creatine, vitamin and pre-workout complexes. It is not recommended to combine Fianabol with BCAAS for the reason that Dbol already includes protein and when digesting its components will compete with amino acids. That is, this combination is not harmful, but makes it pointless to take BCAAS.

There is still a moment associated with the cost. Dbol is always cheaper than Dianabol 20, not to mention sugar and porridge. So for athletes, limited in means, there is a range of recipes Dianabol own preparations from inexpensive Danabol and various widely affordable in household cleansers carbohydrates.

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