The best nutrition program for mass gain

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We recommend that you choose a foreign manufacturer of sports nutrition, for example, Optimum Nutrition or BSN, due to the fact that the United States invests much more money on the development of high-quality supplements to the basic food ration.

The best nutrition program for mass gain

Creatine for strength and muscle growth

One has only to look at the composition of Russian and Foreign protein and everything will fall into place, starting from the fact that the first add sugar, ending with a modest amino acid composition. But this does not mean that domestic manufacturers of sports nutrition are bad (many of them buy raw materials in Europe), and they are inferior in quality, but their price is significantly lower than Western ones.

Therefore, the conclusion from all of this is:

If you are a wealthy athlete who can afford to buy expensive, European sports nutrition, buy it! In turn, if your financial capabilities are in a deplorable state, take cheap, domestic sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass, but at the same time the quality of “ordinary” food becomes the most important for you, otherwise, no supplements will help you, it is common-or-garden because you simply will not provide your body with all the necessary nutrients.

But there is another problem, in order to eat high-quality, healthy products, it is necessary to spend not a small amount of money, it will be much more profitable to buy a good sports supplement and medium-quality food products than a bad sports drink and high-quality products. Of course, European sports nutrition and high-quality, balanced food are ideal. Bodybuilding is not a cheap sport!

The most important sports nutrition supplements that significantly help to gain muscle mass:

  1. Protein (high-protein shakes provide the body with building material, that is, amino acids for muscle growth).
  2. Creatine (supplies the body with energy, when performing strength exercises, increases the definition of muscles).
  3. Branched Chain Amino Acids (have an anti-catabolic effect on the muscles, improve their nutrition).
  4. Gainer (protein-carbohydrate mixture, increases the caloric content of food, supplies energy to the body, is especially useful for pronounced ectomorphs).
  5. Pre-training complexes (CNS stimulants, help to focus, tune in to “hard” training) The first two supplements are mandatory if you want to gain high-quality muscle mass, the other three are optional (financial opportunities).

The best nutrition program for mass gain

A diet for gaining muscle mass for a man

White bread is a universal source of fast carbohydrates (the glycaemic index is 85, with an average calorie content of 250 kcal), which is why so many people who are trying to lose weight exclude it from the diet. But not in our case, because our task is to gain weight by increasing the caloric content of food.

Choose bread mainly from coarse flour (black), because it contains fibre, which helps to remove toxins from the body and micro / macro-elements (vitamins B, D, E, PP, zinc, iron, phosphorus, boron, iodine), which are so necessary for all athletes who regularly train in the gym.

As for sports nutrition, then, as already mentioned above, the main ones are, when gaining weight:

  • Protein;
  • Creatine;
  •  Gainer (if you are not prone to rapid deposition of fat mass).

At night, we additionally recommend drinking casein protein (it is slowly digested, gradually supplying the body with amino acids), in the afternoon, as soon as you wake up, you can drink whey or complex protein.

Use creatine immediately after training, and the next morning (this is the most important time for taking sports nutrition, as after training the body very easily absorbs nutrients, and in the morning it experiences catabolism, which must be suppressed with adequate food, or drink Branched Chain Amino Acids, protein with creatine).

It should also be noted that the table given in the article does not mean that you need to eat exactly as indicated in it. This is just a table of balanced nutrition, which can bring additional kilograms of muscle mass, with the right approach to the training process.

Treat it as a standard of nutrition for a bodybuilder, do not be afraid to change products, introduce something, remove, reduce or increase the portion. The main thing is to adhere to the above basic principles of proper nutrition of mass gain, without which it is impossible to build muscles without supplementations.

Do not forget to consume a sufficient amount of water (usually 3-4 litters per day) to prevent dehydration of the body.

In addition, it must be remembered that high-calorie nutrition, only in combination with strength training, will help to achieve the desired anabolic effect in the direction of muscle growth, all aerobic load (running, jumping, exercise bike, and so on) is taken back seat when an athlete trains for mass (in exceptional cases, you can add light cardio).

Do not forget to choose among all the variety of food in supermarkets, products that are healthy, that is, without preservatives, food colouring agents and GMOs, rich in vitamins, minerals, high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats (as a rule, they are a little more expensive than their cheap analogues). Many bodybuilders also recommend to buy Tri-tren and Methyl to get fast results