Trenbolone 200


Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Trenbolone enanthate
Package: 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma


Trenbolone 200 – is a powerful anabolic steroid, endowed with a moderate androgenic activity, as well as a powerful and lasting impact on the human body. He is available pharmaceutical company SP Laboratories, and its basis is trenbolone enanthate (nandrolone modification is different from the original increased communication with the androgen receptor, and a complete lack of flavor or its consequences).

Used drug trenbolone 200 in most cases in sports practice, for example, it is very popular in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Demand in the sport he enjoys because of useful properties and qualities that manifest themselves on the course – the stimulation of a set of muscle mass, increased physical performance, the ability to increase IGF levels and reduce the concentration of cortisol. It can be used this steroid and medicinal purposes (to enhance libido and sexual activity and other reasons).

Methods of application and dosage trenbolone 200

If you want to spend your first trenbolone enanthate course, the weekly dose of the drug should be 0.2 grams. More experienced Builder you can increase this number up to 0.4 grams, but not more. By and large, at the amateur level is sufficient and solo courses trenbolone enanthate.

Professionals to improve the efficiency of the drying course use a bunch of stanozolol – Trenbolone 200. For the most powerful set of courses for mass use naposim or testosterone enanthate and its results will not leave you indifferent

Effects Trenbolone 200

  • Increase in muscle mass without water;
  • The appearance of the bump and the rigidity of the muscles, especially in patients receiving lung anabolic drugs;
  • Rapid recovery between sessions;
  • Increasing the level of growth hormone, which leads to fat burning;
  • Aromatizing therefore does not lead to gyno;
  • Excellent combined with other long preparations;
  • Can be used as drying, and on the set;
  • It does not harm the liver;
  • Trenbolone enanthate not need to prick every day.

Side Effects 

Due to the rare injection and a more even hormonal risk Side Effects using trenbolone enanthate is quite low in comparison with other formami.Prezhde all, many say aggression and anxiety increase. It also should include pobochki acne.

If a strong excess of the specified doses of trenbolone you can be faced with a decrease in libido, weak erections, lack of progress and even gynecomastia because progestogenic activity of trenbolone.


Starting 2 weeks after the final injection. Duration FCT – 10-14 days. You need to buy cabergoline and Clomid. If used testosterone, then buy as anastrozole. Tamoxifen is not used. It is not suitable for trenbolone and other progestin steroids.




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