Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone propionate
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)
Manufacturer: BM Pharmaceuticals


Anabolics based on Testosterone Propionate include Testopin-100. One of the most popular drugs in sports and is produced by BM Pharmaceuticals. Gaining muscular mass is Testopin-100’s primary goal. However, it is also employed for removing extra fat and drying cycles.

Effects of Testosterone propionate

The drug’s peculiarity is that it starts working almost instantly. Testosterone Propionate is known to have a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Strength gains that are swift and consistent.
  • More clearly defined muscles.
  • Quick recuperation even after strenuous exercise.
  • A rise in the body’s testosterone levels.
  • Successful muscular growth.
  • Burns fat.
  • Improved sexual performance and libido.

Sports pharmacology has long employed testosterone propionate. It is well-liked by both men and women. It stands out for being really effective. Testosterone propionate enables you to carry out even the trickiest exercise regimens. Strength and muscle endurance are the key physiological parameters that are improved.

The ester’s effects last for two to three days. However, within a month, it is detected in doping tests, for this reason it cannot be taken prior to competitions.

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Testosterone propionate cycle

Beginners shouldn’t take more than 50 mg over the course of two days. The cycle will run for four weeks in this situation. Professional athletes may take up to 200 mg.

Testosterone propionate is used with other AAS to boost the efficacy and duration of beneficial effects. For this use, testosterone esters with a sustained action are preferable.

Testosterone propionate is used with Nandrolone Decanoate to quickly increase muscle volume. Along with the development benefit, a quick recovery following strenuous exercise is also observed.

It is essential to properly follow a protein-only diet in order for Testosterone Propionate to function better and for the cycle to be as effective as possible.

Make an appropriate exit from the cycle if you want the drug’s effects to last for a long period. In this situation, the negative impact will be substantially less. PCT involves the use of anti-oestrogenic drugs and aromatase inhibitors.

Side effects of Testosterone propionate

Testosterone propionate has the potential to induce aromatization and increase estrogenic activity. This is especially clear if you take the drug in excess at any point during the period. The potential negative effects are as follows:

  • Body swelling in certain areas.
  • Nipple enlargement and thickening.
  • Reduction in the natural synthesis of testosterone.
  • Rashes on the shoulders, back and face.
  • An excessive build-up of bodily fluids.
  • Excessive and uncontrollable aggressiveness.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Heavy perspiration.

Post-cycle therapy must be used to stop estrogenic activity.

Testosterone propionate can cause masculinization; therefore, it is advised that women use it sparingly and with extreme caution.

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