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Oxandrolone steroid moderate impact. He is the most harmless anabolic agent in existence today, and therefore is often used by women. Oxandrolon developed for the treatment of HIV-infected patients, patients with anemia and Turner syndrome. It also restores the skin after burns and strengthens bones.

Oxandrolone effect is to increase the amount of growth hormone produced in each cycle of selection, the drug itself does not change the duration of discharge cycles or half periods of the hormone.

Oxandrolone: ​​effects on the application.

The most valuable feature of Oxandrolone its ability to increase the prominence and firmness of muscle.

It is also highly valued, such as the ability to Oxandrolone, the ability to burn fat, increase growth hormone levels, and significantly increase the power.

Oxandrolone is most often used is for a set of muscle mass. In this case, this steroid is best suited to athletes who can already boast sufficient muscle mass and lack of excess fat in the body. So athletes Oxandrolone helps to make the muscles relief, as well as reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat.

Side effects

The online pharmacies selling Proviron, must inform potential buyers that the anti-estrogen can have some side effects. Doctors recommend that those who take this product, constantly examine the prostate. In addition, people suffering from hypertension, kidney, liver and heart disease as well as diabetes and other chronic diseases should consult a specialist before use Proviron Mesterolone. Despite the fact that this product provides a unique anti-estrogenic protection precautions must be taken to protect the liver, since it is known that this drug is toxic to the liver in the case of long-term use.

How to take Oxandrolone

Most often Oxandrolone tablets from used by athletes to make the muscle relief and reduce body fat. For example, bodybuilders in final preparation for competition (almost always in combination with other drugs). Course Oxandrolone solo is a good one for the beginning of reception of anabolic steroids. Its duration – from up to 8 weeks. The course is made “ladder” – the first week to take 20 milligrams of the drug daily, divided into twice, and the second, the dosage is increased to 40 mg (maximum – up to 80 milligrams), divided into three stages. FCT after a solo course Oxandrolone is not mandatory. To restore testosterone secretion can take 10 mg of tamoxifen on the stretch of one to two weeks at the end of the course.

How to take Oxandrolon women and girls? In order to avoid potential virilization symptoms, you must comply with the dosage of 10-20 mg. In principle, the probability of side effects is very low, and in many cases, the dosage can be increased.

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