Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Modafinil
Package: 200mg (30 pills)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma


Modafinil by Alpha Pharma is deservedly positioned as one of the most interesting products in its segment. It is essentially an analeptic whose main purpose is to combat daytime sleepiness triggered by narcolepsy. It is a powerful wakefulness agent, excellently increasing the performance of the nervous system. A nootropic agent that enhances cognitive function, improving memory, reaction speed, attention, focus, physical performance and the like. By improving memory and brain activity, it is an excellent aid in learning, comprehending new knowledge. It also has an influence on physical fitness and promotes sporting achievements. In addition, it significantly reduces appetite and provides associated benefits. Don’t wait until tomorrow, buy this super “weapon” online in Australia and become cooler than everyone around you.

Modafinil effects

The main functions of modafinil are: Blocking the reuptake of the main monoamines (partly histamine, glutamate, dopamine, noradrenaline). The result is an incredible drive and the necessary stimulation is realised. A person becomes very easy to concentrate and difficult to distract from the object of concentration. Increased histamine levels. Modafinil eliminates all sleepiness, so it often becomes a lifesaver for those who are constantly sleepy. Increase in IQ, especially if the IQ is low. Improved short-term memory. Suppression of GABA secretion as a final relief from calm and peacefulness. With modafinil you want to act here and now!

Modafinil instructions for use

Modafinil manufactured by Alpha Pharma comes in a box of 30 oral tablets containing 200 mg of the active ingredient per tablet. The standard dosage of Modafinil is 200 mg (1 tablet) per day. The drug should be taken early in the morning with plenty of water. Doubling the dose is not recommended as it may cause undesirable effects on the body.

Negative effects of Modafinil

If more than 4 tablets a day are used in unrestricted amounts, the following may cause adverse reactions:

  • Unpleasant sensations in the mouth, dryness.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Migraine, with bouts of dizziness.
  • Joint and muscle pain.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Deterioration of vision.
  • Deterioration of appetite.
  • Cardiac symptoms

Side effects are rare and depend on the activities of the athlete and the individual body.

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