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Substance: Liothyronine (T3)
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Liothyronine (other names are Thyronine, T3, Triiodothyronine, Cytomel) is a fairly strong fat burner which belongs to the thyroid (thyroid hormones) category. It is potentially equally effective for athletes and female athletes. In iron sport, predominantly bodybuilding, it is used mainly in drying cycles, when it is necessary to gain lean muscle mass (without excessive water retention or accumulation of subcutaneous fat). Buy high quality T3 by Eminence Labs in our anabolic steroid shop.

The effects of T3

Bodybuilders and athletes are attracted by its ability to speed up the metabolism and support the breakdown of fat deposits. It significantly helps with fat loss even at higher calorie intake levels.

T3 is also commonly used in combination with other slimming agents such as human growth hormone or beta-agonists. Athletes note the drug’s ability to enhance the anabolic effects of steroids. Although it could theoretically promote greater use of proteins and carbohydrates for muscle growth, it has not been widely used or recognised for this purpose.


How to take T3 tablets

The main way to use T3 for sports purposes is in combination cycles. Thyroid hormone combines well with most bodybuilders, peptides and of cycle steroids.

The optimum dose is determined by the athlete on an individual basis. On average, it is not recommended to exceed a daily dose of 25 mcg (1 pill) taken at a time or divided into equal amounts and taken at different times of the day.

However, before taking Thyroid Liothyronine (T3), you need to rule out official contraindications, which include thyrotoxicosis, myocarditis, coronary heart disease, adrenal insufficiency.

Side effects of Liothyronine

The most common side effects from the use of T3 are headache, irritability, nervousness, sweating, arrhythmia, increased intestinal peristalsis, menstrual irregularities. Overdose may also cause shock, exacerbate, or cause angina or congestive heart failure.

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