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Letrozole by Alpha Pharma in pill form. The most effective aromatase inhibitor that reduces the level of oestrogen (female hormone) in the blood, which is very effective and is NOT a steroid. It quickly became popular in therapy, pharmacology, sports (bodybuilding and powerlifting) and other fields. Letrozole has also become popular due to its wide application in various branches of medicine. The important thing is that letrozole is effective, safe and reliable. You can buy this drug in our online shop with free delivery in Australia.


Effects of Letrozole

The active ingredient Letrozole by Alpha Pharma – causes a good effect by blocking the production of aromatase enzymes. Used by athletes and bodybuilders in Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) to maintain muscle mass after cycle completion. Clinically used for the elimination of gynecomastia, also prescribed for the correction of short stature and in female oncology. Letrozole blocks estrogen receptors, thereby increasing the percentage of testosterone in the body.

Even after the end of treatment of Alpha Pharma, the accumulated muscle mass is not lost. This makes it the drug of choice among bodybuilders.

Letrozole’s positive effects:

  • Treatment and prevention of gynaecomastia
  • Increasing the level of anabolic hormones in the blood
  • Reducing the level of estrogens in the blood
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Improving muscular quality (through estrogen suppression)
  • Reducing estrogen levels
  • Improved libido
  • Complete elimination of symptoms of gynecomastia, if already present
  • Improve the quality of muscle separation
  • Thinning of musculature.


How to take Letrozole tablets

Bodybuilders are advised to take about 1-3 milligrams of Letrozole per day at absolutely any time. Daily intake of even 100 micrograms can significantly delay the effect of the aromatase enzyme. Do not exceed the recommended doses. Otherwise, the chance of developing negative effects, especially decreased libido, increases dramatically.

The daily dose for each bodybuilder is always chosen individually. Everything depends on the experience, the age of the athlete, the duration of non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor use, but should not exceed the optimal 1-3 milligrams. A specialist can help you calculate the exact amount of the drug. It is advisable to consult your doctor before using any pharmaceutical. Long-term use of the medicine allows you to adjust the regimen slightly and use it every other day instead of every day.


Side effects of Letrozole

Letrozole is acceptable for almost all bodybuilders. A specialist should be consulted if the athlete has any liver problem or is hypersensitive to one of the components of a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. When the use of the drug is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, the course should be cancelled and pick up a more suitable drug.

However, in excessive doses, Letrozole may have the following side effects: muscle growth retardation joint pain, reduced bone strength, increased cholesterol levels, decline in libido, depression, deterioration in general condition.

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