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Category: PCT
Substance: Cabergoline (Cabaser)
Package: 0.5mg (4 pills)
Manufacturer: Sun Pharma


Cabergoline (Cabaser) inhibits prolactin secretion, increases libido and erection, significantly reduces recovery time between sexual intercourse and lowers blood pressure. Cabergoline is an ergot alkaloid derivative with a mechanism of action that is a dopamine (D2) receptor agonist. It is produced by Sun Pharma and you can buy in our online shop in Australia.
The product allows almost complete elimination of the main side effects of steroids such as Deca and Trenbolone. One of the effects of reduced prolactin concentration is a reduction of fluid retention in the tissues, which results in leaner muscle mass gain.


Effects of Cabergoline in bodybuilding

During bodybuilding cycles, Cabergoline is indispensable because its regular use influences the quality and effectiveness of the exercises. Other positive effects of the drug include:

  • increased endurance during training; increase in muscle mass; improvement of mood, general physical and mental condition
  • Men begin to feel stronger and more self-confident, more resistant to external stimuli, and become more competitive
  • The product boosts testosterone production, which manifests itself especially in exercise; It also has a fat-burning effect


How to take Cabergoline

The optimal regimen for using Cabergoline to lower prolactin is as follows:
During a cycle of progestin anabolic steroids (nandrolone, trenbolone): 0.25 mg (whole or 1/2 tablet) every 7-21 days, starting from the third-fourth week of the cycle, when the ACC concentration is approaching its maximum. Optimal dose and frequency of administration are selected under control of prolactin level tests because the effect of drug varies and depends on individual characteristics of organism.
If prolactin level rises above the permissible level, the frequency of administration is increased: 0.25 mg every 4th day. The control analysis of prolactin should be performed after two doses with subsequent correction of the regimen. The drug is taken both with food and on an empty stomach.


Side effects of Cabergoline

The most common side effects attributed to cabergoline are headache, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, emotional distress, and abdominal pain. With low doses, side effects are quite rare or absent altogether. Depressed mood and loss of appetite are the most frequently reported on the forums. It is not recommended to take more than one tablet a week (except for severely elevated prolactin levels).

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