Boldebolin (vial)


Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise)
Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma


Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise) is an anabolic steroid with an androgenic effect on the athlete’s body, produced by Alpha Pharma, based in India. The product is used for intramuscular injection. It is available in different modifications for a more convenient administration: 10 ml vial (250 mg/ml). This makes it easier to control both the dosage and the concentration of the substance in the body.
Equipoise is mild on the body and has no adverse effects on liver cells. However, the drug should be used with caution by competitors because there is insufficient clinical data on the complete breakdown time of the substance in the body. A high-quality product is available for sale in Australia in our anabolic steroid shop.


Equipoise effects:

The most important effect of the anabolic steroid Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise) is the growth of muscle tissue. The process is not extremely fast, but it is of the highest quality and effective. The prolonged effect is due to the content of the long ester molecule in the composition. The positive aspect of such non-accelerated tissue growth is the normal and stable state of the hormonal background. The absence of hormonal surges removes the need to increase the dose and frequency of administration of the drug.

The effects of an Equipoise that can be observed include:

  • An increase in overall muscle tone, endurance and performance
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, increased appetite
  • Improvement of hematopoietic parameters, improving blood pressure and blood flow in the body, increasing the number of red blood cells.
  • Muscle oxygenation due to improved blood circulation.


An Equipoise cycle

The anabolic steroid Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise) should only be used by adult athletes with a mature and robust body. The concentration of the substance to be injected is selected individually according to the state of physical fitness and the objectives set. Usually, the dosage is in the range of 400 to 800 mg over a seven-day period. The duration of the cycle is also individual and should be calculated by a specialist based on the athlete’s goals and anthropometric parameters.


Equipoise side effects

Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise) has a mild and safe effect on the body and is painless when injected. There are also no sudden spikes in blood pressure during the cycle of the injections. Its low androgenic activity allows the product to be used by beginners and females, even by those who have never taken steroids. Since its introduction, the product has proven its superiority to many well-known anabolic steroids, as it has practically no side effects

To reduce the possible side effects of taking steroids, a cycle of Equipoise can be used with other complexes that support natural testosterone production. For example, products containing Enanthate, Proviron and Tamoxifen.


Post-cycle therapy after an Equipoise cycle

Post-cyclic therapy should only be undertaken after the last injection of a Equipoise solo cycle or any cycle based on testosterone esters and Equipoise. It is recommended that the body be allowed to rest for 14-18 days after the end of the cycle and only then perform post-cycling therapy.

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