Andriol Testocaps

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Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Testosterone undecanoate
Package: 40mg (30 capsules)
Manufacturer: Healing Pharma


This drug, together with methyltestosterone, is one of the drugs that are taken orally. But compared with the same methyltestosterone, which is a fairly toxic steroid, Andriol has not yet had any negative effects on the human body. It is known that most drugs have a detrimental effect on liver cells, gradually destroying it. But it’s not about Andriol, even despite the testosterone contained in the drug undecanoate. But how? And the fact that this chemical is absorbed only through the intestine, and then enters the lymphatic system, without affecting the liver. But this is still not the last positive quality that this drug has.


The dose is selected individually depending on the clinical effect.

As a rule, the initial dose is 120-160 mg / day for 2-3 weeks, maintaining a dose of 40-120 mg / day.

The drug should be taken with food, washed down with a small amount of water. Capsules should be swallowed whole, without chewing. It is advisable to take half a dose in the morning, and the second half in the evening. If an uneven number of capsules is taken, a higher dose should be taken in the morning.

Side effect

Side effect   In boys in the prepubertal period: Premature puberty; Premature closure of bone growth zones; Increased frequency of erections and an increase in the size of the penis.   For men: priapism; Increased sexual arousal; Oligospermia; Decrease in ejaculate volume.   In all patients: Sodium and water retention.


Acute toxicity in testosterone is not expressed.
Overdose of Andriol TC can cause gastrointestinal disorders due to the content of castor oil.
Treatment: gastric lavage, symptomatic treatment.

Interaction with other drugs

Inducers of microsomal oxidase enzymes can be lowered, and inhibitors of microsomal oxidase enzymes can increase testosterone levels. Therefore, with simultaneous admission, the dose of Andriol TC should be adjusted.
Androgens can increase glucose tolerance and reduce the need for insulin or other antidiabetic drugs. Androgens can enhance the action of anticoagulants of the coumarin type, which allows you to reduce the dose of these funds.

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3 reviews for Andriol Testocaps

    Alfredo Osborne
    Was amazed that this testocaps was also used in helping your liver enzymes especially when using other orals.
    Jodi Mccoy
    Andriol Testocaps is by far my all time favorite during TRT. I've been taking this once a week and the gains I have is literally unbelievable. Will definitely buy more!
    Tami Moody
    Andriol Testocaps is the best product a UGL produced. It's a shame that not everyone knows this.
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