How to correctly train the abdominals from home!

Having a flat stomach with muscular cubes is a dream for many people. To do this, you need to adhere to proper nutrition and perform exercises on the abs. A well-trained abs are not only beautiful, but also useful for health and everyday life.

The main advantages are:

  • Improving the functioning of internal organs;
  • Normalization of the digestive system;
  • Relieving the load from the muscles of the lower back and intervertebral discs;
  • Oxygen saturation of the body;
  • Assistance during childbirth (for females);
  • Formation of a correct posture (during abdominal muscle training, the spine assumes the correct vertical position, as a result of which the back becomes straighter);
  • Formation of a strong muscular corset;
  • Positive effect on the work of the reproductive system.

Ab training is an integral part of any sports discipline, so it is good to know the basics in how to perform these exercises.

Let’s take a closer look at how to quickly you can train up the abs at home.

How to correctly train the abdominals from home!

Recommendations for training the abs

Not everyone knows how to properly train the abs at home. To begin with, it is necessary to learn its structure. It includes 4 muscle groups: straight (responsible for bending the torso forward in the lumbar region), external oblique (responsible for the ability to pull down the chest), internal oblique (responsible for turning to the side where the muscles are located) and transverse (required to support internal organs).

To get beautiful muscle definition, it is worth paying attention to all of the groups. With the correct execution of the training, progress will not take long. If no changes occur, this indicates that it can be:

  • The slow burning of subcutaneous adipose tissue;
  • Insufficient load volumes.

In such a situation, it is recommended to pay attention to the diet and adjust the training program.

If you do not follow a proper balanced diet, there will be no positive result. Visually, the muscles become prominent when the % of body fat is less than 10%, which is hard to achieve without motivation and dedication.

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It is important to eat a lot of protein (promotes fat loss and muscle mass growth), fiber and fat. The use of foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates should be minimized. You can add grain loaves, cereals, brown rice, string beans, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, sour fruits, seafood, rabbit and poultry meat to your diet. Unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oils and fish oil (in moderate amounts) are useful. Drinks include green tea, a decoction of rosehip and mineral water.

How to correctly train the abdominals from home!

Effective abdominal exercises at home

Many people are wondering how to properly train the abs at home. Below are the most effective exercises that do not require a visit to the gym.

Twisting lying down

This is the most common and effective way to gain muscle definition. At the same time, it is important to properly train the abs at home to see the result. To perform it, you need to lie down on the mat, take your hands behind your head and bend your knees. Then they take a full breath of air, lift the body on exhalation, lifting the back off the floor.

While performing, the length of the muscles should change. When twisting, they shorten and when returning back, on the contrary, they lengthen. The head does not need to be pulled, the elbows are spread apart. The movements are not sharp (slow pace with a full amplitude).

Several muscles are involved at once, such as the straight, large chest, external and internal oblique muscles. 2-3 working sets of 15-20 repetitions is enough.


It came straight from crossfit, a little more complicated than twists, but more effective. To perform it, you need to lie down, bend your legs, and stretch your arms up. Next, they temperamentally raise their arms and body to be in a sitting position (lifting on exhalation). When inhaling, they return to the starting position. To get a result, sit-up is performed without stopping.

The principle of contraction and stretching is similar to the previous exercise. To keep your feet on the floor, it is allowed to hold them for a fixed support (for example, the edge of the sofa).

2-3 working sets of 15-20 repetitions is enough.

Twisting with raised legs

This is a complicated version of the standard twists, it makes the quadriceps work, the strainer of the wide fascia. In the initial lying position, the legs are bent by 90-degrees and the arms are stretched out in front of you. From this position, the upper part of the torso is lifted, stretching the arms forward. Exhale on the rise, inhale when lowering the body down. It is important to ensure that the lower back does not come off the floor and the legs do not fall below 90-degrees.

2-3 working sets of 15-20 repetitions is enough.

Pulling up the knees to the chest on the horizontal bar

This is not a simple technique, it requires strong hands to perform it (so that there are no calluses, it is worth using gym gloves). Starting position: hanging up, so that the lower limbs are overhanging. The muscles should be in a relaxed state and stretched.

On exhalation, the knees are pulled up to the chest. When a right angle is formed (90-degrees) they stay for a few seconds to feel the contraction of the muscles. After that, inhaling, return the legs to the starting position. Such lifts must be performed continuously, without making long pauses.

It is enough to perform 2-3 working sets of 15-20 repetitions.


They are aimed at working out the lower abdomen. Among the muscles that take part in this are: straight thighs, straight, oblique and transverse abdomen muscles. Starting position: lying on the floor, arms stretched out along the torso and pushed to the floor. Next, the legs are slightly raised (30-45 degrees), carrying out intersecting movements. At this time, try not to lift the back off the floor. The lower the legs are, the greater the load on the lower abdomen.

It is enough to do 2-3 working sets for 30-60 seconds each.


When performing a bicycle, the large gluteal, external oblique and rectus abdominal muscles are strained. Unlike most other exercises, the leg muscles are also involved. Starting position: lying on the floor, hands behind your head. Begin to perform foot movements, which copies cycling. The upper part of the torso is slightly raised, the lower back does not come off, the chin does not press against the chest. At the same time, take turns pulling the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa. Do not forget about proper breathing.

2-3 working sets of 30-60 seconds are enough.


This is an effective exercise that allows you to keep the whole body in good shape: the muscles of the core, legs, abdomen, biceps and back extensor work. There are several variations. To perform the standard technique, it is enough to take the emphasis lying down or (on the hands or elbows). The body should be in one line and you cannot overexert your back (it is important that the load is uniform).

In this position, you should stand for 1-2 minutes.

Exercise with a roller

Exercise with a roller gives excellent results. To do this, you need to get on your knees, put your hands on the roller and slowly roll away from yourself. It is worth starting with a small amplitude, gradually increasing it.

It is enough to do it for 1-2 minutes in duration. 

How to correctly train the abdominals from home!

Training programs for beginners

If you do not know how to quickly train up the abs at home, you should use the program that was compiled by experienced coaches. You cannot neglect the warm-up or the cool down. Previously, it is necessary to disperse the blood flow, accelerate metabolic processes, so that the body is ready for the upcoming load. A warm-up is calm, without sudden movements (this will avoid injuries), and consists of:

  • Turns of the head in different directions;
  • Circular rotations of the hip joints;
  • Turns of the body in different directions;
  • Tilts to the sides for the oblique muscles;
  • Walking on the spot with a high step.

After the warm-up, you can start training the abs at home. It is not required to resort to all the exercises described above at once for 1 workout. For beginners, it is enough to choose 2-3 exercises. For example, for the first two weeks, you can train according to the following plan:

  • Do a twist lying down (2 sets of 15 repetitions);
  • Make scissors (2 sets of 30 seconds each);
  • Position in the plank for one minute.

For the next two weeks, you can do other abs exercises at home. For example, a bicycle (2 sets of 30 seconds), sit-ups (2 sets of 15 repetitions) and twisting with raised legs (2 sets of 15 repetitions). After a month of training, when the body gets used to the loads, you can increase the number of sets and repetitions to match your progress.

At the end of the workouts, begin to cool down. It consists of exercises that promote relaxation and overall recovery. Its mandatory elements are stretching and a complex for flexibility. Side lunges, “lotus”, bringing the hands to the sides and behind the back, bending to the legs while standing are popular. Thanks to this complex, it is possible to avoid muscle hypertonia, painful sensations and spasms. Do not neglect the cool down, even if the training did not last long.

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How often do I need to train?

For beginners, the abs should be trained with a small number of repetitions and sets. The main thing is not the time of training, but the quality. The recommended frequency of training is 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes. You can start with 2 times for 30 minutes, gradually increasing the duration. So, the body will slowly begin to get used to the loads. Also, it is worth performing the abs exercises at home either 1 hour before meals, or 2 hours after. The result will be noticeable after a month of fruitful training. If supplementation is used, within a month, major physical changes can be achieved with these basic exercises and a good diet.