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How to build up your shoulders

It so happens that one of the signs of a good figure in men is broad shoulders. This criterion is quite natural, since the wider the shoulders, the narrower the waist, so the athlete looks as attractive as possible. Let’s discuss how to build up your shoulders correctly and how they work. As well as shoulder exercises and a good workout program.

How to build the shoulder muscles?

Shoulder training is a rather difficult process due to the specifics of their structure. In particular, the formation of the shoulder occurs with the participation of the deltoid muscle, which consists of 3 bundles, which is the front, middle and the back bundles.

It is the uniformed development of the three bundles of the deltoid muscles together that ensures a good formation of the shoulders, which has a positive effect on the athlete’s figure.


How to pump up the front deltoids

Front raises – lifting dumbbells in front of you. In this case, the emphasis is on the anterior bundles of the deltoid muscle. It is possible to perform his exercise with two dumbbells at once (lifting them can be carried out in turn or simultaneously), with one dumbbell, a barbell weight late, with a barbell as well as in the simulator.

This is a fairly simple and at the same time effective exercise that allows you to develop the front deltoid muscle. Lifting the dumbbells should be carried out with outstretched arms. Be sure to keep your back in an even position and straight while focusing on the correct execution technique.

You should focus on performing this exercise correctly and not on the weight of the projectile that is used.

How to pump up middle or “side” deltoids

Side raises – lifting dumbbells out to the sides while standing. This movement is a classic exercise aimed at developing the middle deltoid muscles that surround the shoulder joints. It is the middle deltoids that are mostly involved when lifting the dumbbells out to the sides.

When spreading dumbbells in different directions, it is necessary to keep your back in a straight position. Bending and swaying should be avoided throughout this movement. Only the shoulder joints are allowed to move. You cannot raise your shoulders while performing dumbbell lifts, as in this case, the load will fall on the trapezius muscles instead of the shoulders.

The elbows should be slightly bent. Start slowly lifting the dumbbells in both directions without haste and jerking, observing strict verticality (it is unacceptable to shift the arms forward or backward, as the arms should move only upward).

Retract your arms without a jerk, only due to the efforts of the shoulder muscles. Small pauses should be made at the top and bottom points of this movement.


How to pump up the rear deltoids

Reverse flies – bent-over dumbbell breeding. You need to take dumbbells, tilt the body forward to a position almost parallel to the plane of the floor, while keeping your back in a straight position. Raise your arms out to the sides to parallel with the floor, while your elbows should be slightly bent. As you inhale, lower the dumbbells to the starting position. It is unacceptable to bring the blades together, otherwise the load will fall on the traps.

Each exercise for the rear delts must be repeated 12-15 times, since slow muscle fibers dominate in this area. Using large weights will negatively impact your technique, which is more likely to cause an injury than growth.

The back surface of the deltoid recovers extremely quickly, for this reason it can be trained two or three times per week.

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How to build up your shoulders

Shoulder workout program in the gym

Shoulder workouts are both basic and isolation exercises. Basic exercises involve the participation of two or more beams of deltoids and also sometimes the trapezius and isolating exercises involve only individual beams. Basic exercises are performed using the maximum working weight.

To build shoulder mass, you need to start each workout with challenging exercises (for example, overhead presses) that allow you to lift a lot of weight. Then you need to do exercises of the isolating group for each of the 3 bundles of deltoid muscles. Working the front, side and rear delts within isolation exercises after the basic ones, will ensure good growth for the whole shoulder.

Isolation exercises should be done with a low working weight, allowing you to perform 12-15 repetitions.

The workout should include 1-2 basic and 1-2 isolation exercises.

Bench press standing3 sets of 6-8 reps;
Seated dumbbell press3 sets of 8-10 reps;
Lateral raises3 sets of 10-12 reps;
Reverse flies3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Rest between sets for 60-90 seconds. The rest between sets should be between 2-3 minutes.

The front delts do a significant amount of work during chest workouts. For those who are not professional athletes, there is no point in training them individually. For this reason, the “front dumbbell lift” or “front raise” exercise is not part of the training program.

This program is universal in nature, it is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of the degree of preparation. It includes in the work of all 3 bundles of the deltoid muscles of the shoulders and helps to increase their muscle mass.

Only a full load on all of the bundles and fibers of the muscles will help to make the shoulders harmonious from all sides and voluminous.